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Mini Chrome Dial Tire Gauge with Case Mini Dial Tire Gauge Dual Foot Pencil Tire Gauge
Mini Dial Tire Gauge
Our Price: $5.99

The Monkey Grip Mini Chrome Dial Tire Gauge is designed for use on most standard tires. Great for checking tire air pressure on car tires, SUV and truck tires and RV and dually truck tires.

This dial tire gauge features an easy to read display and comes in assorted colors.

This high quality pencil tire gauge features a dual foot head, which is ideal for use on hard to reach valve stems on larger tires.
Pro Dial Tire Gauge with Bleeder Digital Pencil Tire Gauge Lighted Sport Digital Tire Gauge

Classic black and gold dial tire gauge allows you to check your air pressure and release air from the tire at the same time.

The Monkey Grip digital pencil tire gauge is a proprietary design that combines the compact convenience of a pencil gauge and the accuracy of a high tech digital gauge.

The digital sport tire gauge is compact and easy to use. The backlit LED display and LED tip make this one the best values in digital tire gauges.
Digital Tire Gauge Black and Silver Dual Foot Truck Tire Gauge Black Heavy Duty Pencil Tire Gauge

The digital sport tire gauge features an ergonomic grip and a backlit LED display. This light weight and accurate digital tire gauge is great for use on all tires.

Tire gauge is powder coated for improved grip and extended life.

Monkey Grip platinum style tire gauge with white pressure stick is small and compact, yet heavy duty.