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Our newest line of BellAire 12-volt tire inflators feature quick inflation, quiet operation and top quality production. Powerful, portable, and convenient. On the go or in the garage, keep your tires and inflatable products at proper pressure for maximum performance.

From the highest quality products featuring forced air cooling technology for cool and efficient operation to the basic tire inflator great for use on inflatable sport equipment, bike tires, and air mattresses, there is a Bell Automotive tire inflator to cover your inflation needs.
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BellAire 500 Tire Inflator BellAire 1000 Tire Inflator BellAire 2000 Tire Inflator
BellAire 500 Tire Inflator
Our Price: $14.99


This 12 Volt tire inflator is our most compact model which features both a worklight and dial gauge. Both powerful and portable, the BellAire 500 can be stored virtually anywhere - including your glove box.

Powerful but durable, the BellAire 1000 Tire Inflator is a no-nonsense choice. If you seek power and portability but without the other bells and whistles, this inflator is perfect.

Uniquely designed to fit in most cup holders, the BellAire 2000 tire inflator bundles power, portability and cutting-edge design. Featuring a flexible LED worklight and large dial gauge, this 12 Volt tire inflator is more than just functional, it's fun.
BellAire 3000 Tire Inflator BellAire 5000 Tire Inflator BellAire 6000 Tire Inflator
BellAire 3000 Tire Inflator
Our Price: $44.99

BellAire 5000 Tire Inflator
Our Price: $64.99

BellAire 6000 Tire Inflator
Our Price: $74.99

BellAire 3000 tire inflator has an
automatic shut-off dial gauge, ensuring your tire will inflate
completely to the desired PSI without over inflation. The rugged molded
handle, large dial gauge and flexible LED worklight make this 12 Volt
inflator a powerful solution for both emergencies and tire maintenance.
More than just a warning triangle, the BellAire 5000 Tire Inflator features a flashing triangular safety light, making this 12 Volt tire inflator the perfect solution for roadside emergencies.
With a unique vertical design, the BellAire 6000 is our most powerful 12 Volt tire inflator. Quiet, powerful, and stable, this inflator also includes a pivoting bright LED worklight, large dial gauge, as well as a needle/raft adapter kit. Filling a tire never got easier, or faster.
BellAire 7000 Tire Inflator

Portable, durable and mountable. The BellAire 7000 Tire Inflator features a rechargeable battery. Not only can this model assist you along the roadside, but wall-mounting features are built-into the housing for garage/workshop use.

With a pivoting bright LED worklight, digital gauge with auto shut-off, inflate/deflate raft pump, this 12 Volt inflator virtually has all of the bases covered.