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You could say our company first began in a small garage in Bell, California in the late 1940s. Roy Richter took his passion for racing and converted it into products that would change the industry forever. In 1954, Richter created the most protective auto-racing helmet the world had ever seen. Nowadays, Bell racing helmets are synonymous with safety.

1940s: Roy Richter sells auto parts from his garage and starts tinkering.

1954: The first Bell racing helmet is sold and climbs to #1 on the Indy car circuit.

1968: The Bell motorcycle helmet becomes an American icon.

1975: The Bell bicycle helmet dominates market share.

2001: Bell Automotive expands the line and becomes a leader in aftermarket accessories.

2003: Seat covers with decorative designs and eco-friendly packaging turn heads.

2005: Bell acquires Victor and Monkey Grip.

2007: Accessories expand to the two largest automotive retailers in the US.

2009: The Bell tire inflator and sealant programs are unveiled.

2010: The Shaggy Line of seat and steering wheel covers debuts.

2011: The state-of-the-art BellAire Tire Inflator line is launched.

2013: Bell Automotive revolutionized tire repair with the Victor Plug and Go Tire Repair System.

2015: Bell Automotive joins the Hopkins Manufacturing family.

Victor: King Of The Road!

Victor started as a 1955 vision from the trunk of Bert Braverman's car. It was his dream to provide innovative and high quality automotive repair items and accessories to the average consumer. At the time, his products were so captivating that a competitor actually tried to steal his line and launch them at a trade show! In the end, Bert Braverman debuted his "Grand Prize" Tire Repair Kit and stole the thunder. Later, he expanded his line to include Safety/Emergency products, Lighters, Bulbs, and Fuses. Today, Victor products are sold worldwide to automotive professionals and consumers who value peak performance.

Monkey Grip: Nothing Grips like The Monkey!

Monkey Grip has been an American favorite since 1900. By the 1920s, Monkey Grip was hailed as "The World's Best Tire Patch." Today, we offer everything from tire gauges, tire valves, valve caps, pneumatic accessories and inner tubes.

We hope you enjoyed this trip down Memory Lane! If you have any questions about our brand, our partners, or any Bell Automotive products, please contact us directly by using our online contact form.