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Bell Product FAQ
12Volt & USB Power Accessories
  Q: Can your charging stations also play my iPod or mp3 player?

A: No, this product will only provide power to your iPod or your mp3 player. You will need an FM transmitter or audio out cable and an audio in jack in your vehicle to actually play an iPod or mp3 player.

Q: Are the fuses on your 12V accessories replaceable?

A: Yes. Most use a standard AGC 5amp glass fuse found at most auto stores. Make sure you remove the domed cap from the old fuse to put on the new fuse.

Q: Can the 12V oscillating fan go under the dash on the passenger side and blow air through all vents?

A: No. This is an accessory fan. It does not replace the original equipment that  was installed in your ventilation system.

Q: What is the fluid used in your compasses?

A: The fluid used to fill the compass is a refined form of mineral spirits. It may have a slight odor; however it is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.

Q: How do I program my mirror mount compass?

A: See Instruction Sheet.

Q: I purchased one of your suction cup compasses, but it reads backwards.

A: The compass should not be read like a regular hand held or field compass. If headed North, the N will be facing you behind the red lubber line while you are in the drivers seat. The automotive compass dial is printed in reverse and should be viewed facing the front and not the top as you are traveling.  

Q: I have installed the mirror mounted digital compass and after calibrating it according to the instructions, North and South worked fine but East and West are reversed.

A:  When East and West are reversed, this indicates the sensor module was mounted to the windshield upside down. The word "SENSOR" is molded into one side of the sensor module and the word "SENSOR" should face upward or to the sky and be adjusted to be parallel (horizontal) with the road. The sensor module is attached with hook & loop tape. Remove the sensor module, orient it properly and reattach.

Q: Do the thermometers sense inside or outside temp?

A: Thermometers sense inside temperature unless otherwise noted.

Q: What does “Lo” on the digital screen mean on the exterior temperature for the interior/exterior thermometer/clock?

A: “Lo” on the digital screen should only appear in extreme cold temperatures below -58°F (-50°C).

Q: Do your compasses need to be calibrated for the magnetics in a vehicle?

A: Some vehicles have magnetic interferences built into the vehicle that will adversely affect any compass. When choosing a mounting location, keep away from audio speakers and keep away from electronic areas such as rear view mirrors and overhead electronic consoles.

Q: Do you have any compasses that can be mounted upside down (mounted on the inside ceiling of the vehicle)?

A: Models 24000 (The “Traveler” Compass) and 24006 (Lighted Compass) can be rotated or reversed to the top for a roof or windshield mount.

Q: Can clocks be converted to military time?

A: No.


Q: What is the best way to reposition blind spot mirrors?

A: Due to the fact that our Blind Spot Mirrors have a strong adhesive backing, we recommend testing the location of the mirror on your car mirror before using the attached backing. You can do this by placing a piece of double sided tape on the liner and repositioning the mirror until you are satisfied with the location. Once you have decided upon the location, you may remove the liner from the adhesive and place on your mirror.

Q: Is there any way to replace the bulbs in the light up mirror?

A: Yes, use a coin to open the base part, and the bulbs will be accessible for replacement


Q: Can the door edge guards be cut to the appropriate size?

A: Yes, these can easily be cut with a sharp knife.
Deer Warnings
  Q: How do the deer warnings work?

A: Deer warnings use high-pitched sound to alert deer. Our deer warnings have two (2) pitches for wider sound transmission. One unit should be open and one unit closed.  

Q: The instructions indicate one deer warning is open and one is closed.  How do I tell the difference?

A: Look at the deer warnings from the rear of the units. Directly above the screw, you will see a hole molded into each deer warning.  While holding them up to a light source, you should be able to see light through one (open) and not through the other (closed).

Q: How should I mount the deer warnings on a vehicle?

A: Deer warnings need strong airflow in front, side and rear of the unit. Do not mount them in your grill. Warnings will work best if mounted on the front bumper or hood of the vehicle and as far apart (left and right) as possible. Each whistle should line up parallel with the length of the vehicle and not be positioned at an angle.

Q: How should I mount the warnings on a motorcycle or trike.
A:  The deer warnings should be mounted as far forward on the front fender as possible without the fender curvature causing the deer warnings to violate the angle requirements (as outlined in the packaging instructions).  Due to the narrow width of motorcycle fenders, the deer warnings will be mounted relatively side by side.

Q: Can the deer warnings be mounted upside down?

A: Yes, when there is no other option, the deer warnings can be mounted upside down as long as they don't violate the angle requirements. Deer warnings mounted upside down must be checked and cleaned more frequently because the whistle opening will be more exposed to the elements.

Q: Do the deer warnings affect other animals traveling in the car?

A: No, the high frequency sound propels forward, so they should not affect pets you may have traveling with you in your vehicle.

Q: What maintenance is required to keep deer warnings in their best condition?

A: Deer warnings should be clean to function properly. If your windshield is dirty, your deer warnings are probably dirty. Remove the deer warnings from the mount, separate and clean.

Q: The package shows the closed mount on the right of the car and the open mount on the left side. Does this really matter when I go to mount them on my car?

A: No, either one can be placed on either side.

Q: I was told the deer warnings work between speeds of 30 to 50 mph but stop working after 50 mph: is that true?

A: No, that is not true. Deer warnings continue to work above 50 mph as well.

Q: What are the deer warnings made of?

A: Deer warnings are made of ABS plastic.
License Plate Frames
  Q: Are the bolts included with the license plate frames?

A: No, bolts are not included with license plate frames, but are available for purchase separately.
  Q: Do your cup holders adjust for different cup or bottle sizes?

A: Cup holders are made to accommodate a range of cup and bottle sizes. Refer to product specifications to find the one that best fits your needs.

Q: How much money can fit into your coin holder?

A: The coin holder can hold approximately 20 quarters, dimes, and nickels in the upper compartment, and around 75 coins in the bottom compartment.
Steering Wheel Covers
  Q: Do steering wheel covers come in different sizes?

A: Bell Automotive makes only the 15” size which is standard on most vehicles.

Q: Why does my steering wheel cover have an odor?

A: Our steering wheel covers have an inside rubber ring that is made from recycled rubber materials.
    We recommend that you let your steering wheel cover air out for a couple of days before installing.
Tire Inflators/Solutions
  Q: Does the tire pressure reading lock in on your tire pressure gauges?

A: Yes.

Q: What does the 0.0 code on my digital tire gauge mean?

A: A code reading all zeros is an error code; repeat instructions carefully, making sure that there is a good seal between the nozzle and valve stem (there should be no hissing sound of escaping air).

Q: What does the code “Lo” mean on my digital tire gauge?

A: When the display reads “Lo” it means that the power in the lithium cell has been depleted.  

Q: Can you plug inflators into a house or just a car?

A: Just a car. It is 12 volts.

Q: Can I use tire inflators for my bicycle?

A: Yes, you can use our tire inflators for your bicycle tires with Schrader valves, it will not work won Presta valves.