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Monkey Grip FAQ
Tire Gauges
  Q: What does the 0.0 code on my digital tire gauge mean?

A: A code reading all zeros is an error code; repeat instructions carefully, making sure that there is a good seal between the nozzle and valve stem (there should be no hissing sound of escaping air).

Q: What does the code “Lo” mean on my digital tire gauge?

A: When the display reads “Lo” it means that the power in the lithium cell has been depleted.
Tire Repair
  Q: After using a tire repair kit, how long can I safely drive my vehicle?

A: The tire repair kits are for temporary repair of tire punctures. A permanent repair is considered to be a combination plug and inner liner patch. For your safety, we recommend seeing a tire repair professional as soon as possible.

Q: How long does the rubber cement take to cure?

A: The cure time is anywhere between 9-24 hours, but it all depends on the weather conditions when applied.

Q: I have the Tubeless Tire Repair kit, how do you install the plug?

A: First, use the one closed in tool to puncture the hole and smooth out the sides. Next, take one of the plugs and thread it through the open ended tool. Coat the plug with a generous amount of rubber cement (included with kit). Force the plug through the hole in the tire but leave a little bit of it sticking out, do not push plug all the way through. Allow time for the plug to set before you apply any air to the tire. It is always a good idea to apply more rubber cement to the plug once it has been installed.